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Deaf Forever
Power Play
Sweden Rock


"The longest song on the album is “The Replicant” and this song rules! It really really reminds me of NEVERMORE. This is by far my favorite song on the album. Thirteen minutes of just pure metal and I couldn’t ask for more. GODS ARMY has put on a great performance with this album. I will definitely be rocking out to this for some time to come."


"This is a killer record that surprised me in a very positive way! It's an album that mixes perfectly a variety of styles (melodic hard rock/progressive/metal/rock) of the rock scene, in general, and, at the end, achieves to leave a sweet taste in your ears. One of the most interesting releases so far!!"


"The more than thirteen minutes long The Replicant also plays lending with Iron Maiden. I would not be surprised that Steve Harris would have tried this epic for Somewhere In Time or Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son . This is especially meant as a compliment to the address of God's Army. Just like the rest of the album, the song exudes a lot of class. Demoncracy gets a big enough and deserves at least one listen from lovers of classic hard rock and heavy metal." (Translated from Dutch)


"In seiner Gesamtheit ist “Demoncracy” ein stark produziertes, “original” wirkendes Heavy-Metal-Album der alten Schule, mit fein komponierten Melodien und, innerhalb des gewählten Genres, einer guten Menge an Vielseitigkeit, zusammengeschustert zu einem sauberen Konzeptalbum. Daumen hoch!"


"Das Herzstück aber, 'The Replicant', ist ein Meisterstück seiner Art. Langsam wird der Spannungsbogen gesteigert, das Tempo aufgenommen, bis es nach circa der Hälfte in einer Solo- und Leadgitarrenorgie aufgeht, wie es die Großmeister um Bruce kaum besser könnten, zumindest songwritingtechnisch"


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